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Quiz: What Is Your Superpower?

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Questions & Options

1. What kind of superhero do you like?

55810 Superman
55811 Batman
55812 Spiderman
55813 He-man

2. Which kind of superpower do you possess?

55814 I have dragon power
55815 I can wipe out humanity
55816 I can create fire and storm
55817 I can create demons and evil spirits

3. How powerful are you?

55818 Extremely powerful
55819 Moderately powerful
55820 I am weak
55821 I do not know about my power

4. Would you be a guiding force for others?

55822 Yes, I will be
55823 I think so
55824 No, I do not think so
55825 I do not know what to say

5. Does your family know you are a superpower?

55826 Yes, they know everything
55827 No, they are not aware of it
55828 I have to convince them that I have a superpower
55829 I do not expect them to know about me

6. Do you share your superpower with others?

55830 Yes, always and very often
55831 No, not really
55832 Very few people know about my superpower
55833 I will share when the time comes

7. Are there any other superpowers apart from you?

55834 Yes, there are others too
55835 No, there are not any
55836 There are few of them
55837 I have no idea

8. Will you use your superpower to protect others?

55838 Of course why not
55839 Yes, I can to some extent
55840 No, I do not believe so
55841 Can’t say anything

9. Do you want others to imitate you?

55842 Yes, I want others to imitate me
55843 Rather to some extent
55844 No, I do not
55845 I do not know what others perceive about me

10. Will you be able to maintain your superpower status?

55846 Of course why not
55847 Maybe I think so
55848 No, I will not be able to do so
55849 I do not know how long I will be a superpower
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