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Quiz: How Much You Know About Electric Circuit?
122 Played 16-Nov-2020
Electricity for every part of the world and every person is very important. We all have heard, read, and gained knowledge about electricity. All of you might be...

Electric Field Quiz Questions and Answers
74 Played 01-Mar-2020
Electric Field region in space around a charge or charged body, where the charge has its electrical effect, is called the electric field of the charge. Electric...

Electrical Resistance Quiz Questions and Answers
251 Played 26-Feb-2020
This is a natural property of substances, due to which it opposes the current flowing through it. The resistor is an electrical component such as other diodes, ...

Quiz: Test You Knowledge About Electricity MCQ Questions and Answers
789 Played 12-Jul-2020
Electricity is a flow of electric charge. The charge is an intrinsic property that can be present in any particles, due to this particle exerts a force on anoth...

Ultimate Quiz About Static Electricity and Current Electricity in Physics
129 Played 12-Jul-2020
The branch of physical science in which the study of charge is done is called electricity. It is classified into two kinds first one is electrostatics for stati...

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Electricity?
143 Played 12-Jul-2020
The word electricity was given by Sir Thomas brown in the year 1646. This electricity is produced on rubbing and hence it is also called frictional electricity....