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Quiz: Which My Little Pony Are You?

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Certain characters influence your whole life. MLP, not only the show but also the little ponies have captured million hearts. The show was themed around friendship. Equestria, Fluttershy, Rarity, AppleJack, or Rainbow Dash created sweet fantasy. Have you thought they can affect your personality? Are you sweeter, or brainy, or what character dominates you? Binge on this fun quiz that tells if you were a pony, which My Little Pony are you.

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1. Which part of Ponyville is a place for you to live?

133193 In a gingerbread house
133194 In the library inside the oak tree
133195 In the cloud
133196 In a farmhouse

2. What charity did you do?

133197 Read the book for blind
133198 I don’t believe in charity
133199 Care for animals at an animal shelter home
133200 Volunteer at hospital

3. What is your favorite activity?

133201 Designing clothes
133202 Reading
133203 Partying
133204 Playing outdoor games

4. What is the color of your favorite coat?

133205 Brown
133206 Bright Pink
133207 Blue
133208 Light Purple/ Lilac

5. Who is your ideal?

133209 Mother Teresa
133210 Bill Gates
133211 Julia Child
133212 Arthur Ashe

6. How do your friends describe you in one word?

133213 Cool
133214 Kind
133215 Smart
133216 Ill-mannered

7. Where would you do a summer job?

133217 Carousel boutique
133218 The Golden Oak Library
133219 Sweet Apple Acres Farm
133220 Sugarcube Corner Bakery

8. Are you introverted or extroverted?

133221 Introvert
133222 Somewhat introvert
133223 Extrovert
133224 Extremely extrovert

9. Which cutie mark do you want?

133225 Stars
133226 Balloons
133227 Rainbow
133228 Apples

10. How were you in high school time?

133229 You were a jock
133230 You were the teacher’s favorite
133231 You were a clown
133232 You were the class monitor
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