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What Job Should I Have Quiz

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Job is basically our foundation of earning and living. Our choice differs person to person and from interest to interest as one would prefer the salary package, others would focus over the field of interest and some also focus on the requirement they have. Thus if while we have an option respective of choosing job then we must focus over the trend, interest and also over our set goals.

Let’s start the quiz

1. How strongly do you consider yourself in dealing with the obstacles if arrive in your life?

14129 Challenge facer
14130 Panic
14131 Avoid such situations
14132 Need support

2. What would you state when it is about the comfort you obtained in your life, would you compromise with it for anything?

14133 Yes
14134 Depends may be sometimes
14135 No
14136 Never stuck to such situation

3. Would you easily relocate for the purpose of your job?

14137 Yes
14138 No
14139 Too Hard but wcan try
14140 Depends over the requirement

4. What is your priority among the following?

14141 Wealth
14142 Comfort
14143 Self Satisfaction
14144 Happy life

5. Can your worries or tensions be reflected through your attitude or actions of daily life?

14145 Yes
14146 Sometimes if too worried
14147 No
14148 Never noticed

6. When you are in tension what you prefer the most to do?

14149 Stay Alone
14150 Look up for the solution at the earliest
14151 Share with some trustworthy person
14152 Divert the mind to something else

7. Which skill you have the best in you according to you?

14153 Communication
14154 Knowledge
14155 Management
14156 All

8. At what rate would you rate yourself at base of sales and convincing the clients?

14157 Excellent
14158 Good
14159 Average
14160 Bad

9. How frequently do you need up traveling therapy to maintain your interest in your work?

14161 Once in a month
14162 Rarely
14163 When in tension
14164 Never

10. According to you what is that one thing that you feel that you lack in?

14165 Patience
14166 Confidence
14167 Public speaking fear
14168 None
Let’s start the quiz

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