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Quiz: How Much You Know About Six-Day War?
4 Played 13-Sep-2020
No war had ever been good to any country except for their victory. Furthermore, every war has just led to the destruction of resources, loss of several innocent...

Quiz: How Much You Know About 2008 Mumbai Attacks?
7 Played 06-Sep-2020
Are you aware of thee 2008 Mumbai attacks? The attacks that tore away a part of everyone's lives! The attacks were brutal to mankind and the lives of Mumbaikars...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Syrian Civil War?
26 Played 06-Sep-2020
Do you also feel like wars mean destruction and loss to mankind? You might hear, read, or researched about several wars in the historical period? Have you wonde...

Quiz: How Much You Know About September 11 Attacks?
12 Played 06-Sep-2020
Have you heard of all the terrorist attacks happening around the world? If yes, then you might be interested in knowing more about the historical attacks that w...

Quiz: How Much You Know About 1962 Indo China War?
42 Played 27-Aug-2020
Indo China war also is known as the Sino Indian war occurred in 1962 between China and India on 20th October and the last date for 21 days that is till the 21st...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Mexican American War?
96 Played 06-May-2020
Wars have always a negative word since the ancient periods. Wars have never led to a good thing rather only the destruction, loss of innocent lives, recession, ...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Yom Kippur War?
7 Played 12-Sep-2020
Wars have never peaceful and have a bad effect on the countries and all the livelihoods. You might have thought or heard of various war stories in history. But ...

Civil War Quiz Questions And Answers
96 Played 30-Apr-2020
Civil War, one of those very amazing wars that has emerged as a great harm to the mankind. The war brought a great level of destruction to the economy,the lives...

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About China–United States Trade War
29 Played 07-Sep-2020
You might have heard of several wars among countries that lead to enough destruction of mankind and others that lead to resource destruction. Are you a world po...