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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Red Velvet?

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Are you also a music lover? Do you also like to listen to your favorite music band and then groove and dance on its beats? If you are also the same, then you must be aware of the finest KPop South Korean Group "Red Velvet"? The group has just got amazing fans around and all the members of the band are just amazing. How Well Do You Know Red Velvet? Do you think you can answer the questions about the band? If you are curious and you think you have the intellect to answer the questions, then this is the right time for you to try out this interesting quiz!

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1. When was the band established?

110918 2009
110919 2012
110920 2016
110921 2014

2. How many members does the group have?

110922 7
110923 10
110924 5
110925 1

3. What is the name of the debut song of the band?

110926 Revert
110927 Happiness
110928 Saddist
110929 Life

4. Who is the youngest member to join the group?

110930 Yeri
110931 Yuju
110932 Irene
110933 Selugi

5. When did the group got Golden Disc New Artist Award?

110934 2019
110935 2016
110936 2011
110937 2015

6. Who are the majority of the fans?

110938 Children
110939 Men
110940 Young Women
110941 All of the above

7. What does the red side of the band signify?

110942 Fluent side
110943 Intense and captivating image
110944 Wild side
110945 None of the above

8. What does the velvet side of the band signify?

110946 Feminine and soft
110947 Intense and captivating image
110948 Wild side
110949 Fluent Side

9. What was the name of the first concert of Red Velvet?

110950 Friday
110951 Scenom
110952 Happiness
110953 Red Room

10. What is the name of the biographical film of Red Velvet?

110954 Red Velves
110955 Red Room
110956 SMTown: The Stage
110957 Happiness

11. In which animated film did Red Velvet was filmed?

110958 Happiness
110959 Trolls World Tour
110960 SMTown: The Stage
110961 Red Room

12. How does Red Velvet dress up in their red side?

110962 Colourful
110963 Simple
110964 Weird
110965 Formals
Let’s start the quiz

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