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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Linkage Groups
42 Played 18-Dec-2019
Genes in a particular group have their alleles in their corresponding homologous chromosomes. Appear of homologous chromosomes form a single linkage group. Ther...

How Much You Know About Important Terms Used In Genetics Quiz
109 Played 26-Mar-2020
A branch of biology which deals with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in living organisms is called Genetics. The word Heredity is derived fr...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Bacterial Chromosomes
52 Played 13-Dec-2019
The bacterial chromosome is a single, short, complex mass attached to the mesosome or to the plasma membrane. It is Called chromosome. DNA is the genetic materi...

Genetic Code Trivia Quiz
53 Played 18-Dec-2019
DNA contains four types of nucleotides which can be arranged in numerous ways. This arrangement of nucleotides is basically a coded language connected with the ...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Gregor Mendel And Law Of Mendel
75 Played 12-Dec-2019
Gregor Johann Mendel was a great scientist and he was known as the father of genetics or modern genetics. Mendel performed various types of cross-breeding exper...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Translation in Protein Synthesis
56 Played 19-Dec-2019
The translation is the mechanism by which coded on mRNA changes to the actual polypeptide chain. It occurs on the ribosome. The different steps involved in tran...

Check Your Knowledge About Genetic Engineering Recombinant DNA Technology Or Gene Splicing Trivia Quiz
94 Played 12-Dec-2019
Genetic engineering is a highly sophisticated technique for artificial and deliberate modifying DNA to suit human needs. It may also be called as cloning of gen...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Number of Chromosomes in Eukaryotes
51 Played 13-Dec-2019
Chromosome means colored body and it was observed by Hofmeister in pollen mother cell of tradescantia and was named by Waldeyer. A number of chromosomes where i...

Genetic Principles After Mendel and post Mendelian Genetics or Non Mendelism Trivia Quiz
49 Played 12-Dec-2019
Post mendelian are based on gene interactions. They are of two basic types one is intragenic or interallelic and another one is intergenic or nonallelic. Intrag...