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What Programming Language Should I Learn Quiz
45 Played 09-Feb-2020
Programming language was first introduced in the early seventies and since there has been no looking back. There is a plethora of programming languages offered ...

Would I Be A Good Teacher Quiz
72 Played 03-Nov-2019
Teachers are not only the one who give us the educational knowledge or knowledge from books we are being assigned for our syllabus.Any person in our life from w...

Annual Status of Education Report ASER-2019 Trivia Quiz
41 Played 17-Jan-2020
The ASER is an annual survey, which aims to provide a reliable annual estimate of the schooling status and level of basic education of children in each state an...

What College Should I Go To Quiz
155 Played 20-Jun-2019
After the completion of school selection of college where one decides to go plays a major role in his/her life in future. Selection of college depends over vari...

Relation between Education and Society Quiz Questions and Answers
26 Played 18-Feb-2020
It is the society that determines and formulates the pattern of education keeping its particular needs into account. The duty of society is to make its members ...