What Type of Special Education Teacher Are You Quiz

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A lot of times while attending a class you must have thought, "If I was teaching this subject instead of this teacher I would have been a lot better. I would have made this topic a lot more interesting and funny". But are you sure? Attempt our quiz to know what type of special education teacher are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. If a student asked you to explain a topic again. What would you do?

A. Explain to him in brief

B. Explain him with the same intensity as the first time

C. Ask him to come later

D. Scold him for not focusing

2. If a student bunks your class. What would you do?

A. Call his/her parents

B. Ignore

C. Punish him

D. I will try to understand why he doesn’t want to attend my class

3. If a student does not bring his/her lunch. What would you do?

A. Ask his/her parents to deliver it before recess

B. Humiliate him for being careless

C. Share your lunch

D. Ask his/her friends to share it with him

4. If you would make a test how hard will that be?

A. As hard as it gets

B. I Will keep it simple

C. Who cares I will just repeat the questions from past papers

D. I will make it to evaluate the level of their learning

5. How much homework will you give to your class?

A. None

B. As per requirement

C. As much as I can

D. I won’t even be teaching in the class

6. What if you see a student struggling in your class?

A. I will punish him

B. Ignore him/her I have 30 more students

C. Evaluate the cause of the problem

D. Give more homework

7. What would you do if a student forgets to complete the homework?

A. Humiliate him/her in front of the class

B. Ask for the cause of his negligence

C. Humiliate him in front of his parents

D. Give him/her more homework

8. How often will you take them on field trips?

A. Never

B. Once a year

C. Twice a year

D. Theory classes are better

9. How will you discuss a student’s academic performance?

A. I will scold him

B. Call his parents and humiliate them for not focusing

C. Ignore it and carry on with my teaching

D. I will try to understand what is it that bothers him/her

10. What if your class pulls a prank on you?

A. I will laugh with them

B. I will make sure they are traumatized by my scolding

C. I will pull a prank on them

D. I will give them more homework


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