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What Type of Special Education Teacher Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. If a student asked you to explain a topic again. What would you do?

156763 Explain to him in brief
156764 Explain him with the same intensity as the first time
156765 Ask him to come later
156766 Scold him for not focusing

2. If a student bunks your class. What would you do?

156767 Call his/her parents
156768 Ignore
156769 Punish him
156770 I will try to understand why he doesn’t want to attend my class

3. If a student does not bring his/her lunch. What would you do?

156771 Ask his/her parents to deliver it before recess
156772 Humiliate him for being careless
156773 Share your lunch
156774 Ask his/her friends to share it with him

4. If you would make a test how hard will that be?

156775 As hard as it gets
156776 I Will keep it simple
156777 Who cares I will just repeat the questions from past papers
156778 I will make it to evaluate the level of their learning

5. How much homework will you give to your class?

156779 None
156780 As per requirement
156781 As much as I can
156782 I won’t even be teaching in the class

6. What if you see a student struggling in your class?

156783 I will punish him
156784 Ignore him/her I have 30 more students
156785 Evaluate the cause of the problem
156786 Give more homework

7. What would you do if a student forgets to complete the homework?

156787 Humiliate him/her in front of the class
156788 Ask for the cause of his negligence
156789 Humiliate him in front of his parents
156790 Give him/her more homework

8. How often will you take them on field trips?

156791 Never
156792 Once a year
156793 Twice a year
156794 Theory classes are better

9. How will you discuss a student’s academic performance?

156795 I will scold him
156796 Call his parents and humiliate them for not focusing
156797 Ignore it and carry on with my teaching
156798 I will try to understand what is it that bothers him/her

10. What if your class pulls a prank on you?

156799 I will laugh with them
156800 I will make sure they are traumatized by my scolding
156801 I will pull a prank on them
156802 I will give them more homework
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