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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Indian Hindu Mystic And Saint
166 Played 03-Oct-2019
In India, there have been such saints from time to time, whose land has been bright and devotional with the divine light of knowledge, seeing them and following...

Test Your Knowledge About Bhagat Singh Indian Socialist And Revolutionary Trivia Quiz
154 Played 29-Mar-2020
"Every particle of ash, My heat is moving.I'm such a mad, Who is also free in jail," said Bhagat Singh, one of the most influential revolutionaries of the India...

How Much You Know About Saint Mother Teresa Trivia Quiz
71 Played 29-Mar-2020
During a ceremony in Vatican City, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church gave Mother Teresa the title of saint, with millions of people from all over the wo...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Mother Teresa Saint
77 Played 28-Sep-2019
Mother Teresa is an Indian lady who is a role model for every person. She has been a great motivation and is an ideal lady of India. She was honoured with the R...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Thomas Jefferson 3rd US President
77 Played 01-Oct-2019
Thomas Jefferson is famous as an independent American leader who has made a significant contribution to the American independence movement and has prepared a De...