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Thomas Jefferson Quiz: How Much You Know About 3rd US President?

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Questions & Options

1. Thomas Jefferson Resigned and established the ____________ side.

32118 Democratic Republican
32119 Democratic Front
32120 American congress
32121 All of above

2. What was the name of Thomas Jefferson's wife?

32122 Martha Dandridge
32123 Abigail Smith
32124 Martha Wayles Skelton
32125 Option 4

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under Thomas Jefferson?

32126 John Caldwell Calhoun
32127 Thomas Jefferson
32128 Aaron Burr and George Clinton
32129 All of above

4. Thomas Jefferson was the _______ President of the United States.

32130 Sixteenth
32131 Fourth
32132 First
32133 Third

5. What was Thomas Jefferson's nickname?

32134 Father of American Independence
32135 Father of the Declaration of Independence
32136 Father of the Constitution
32137 Father of His Country

6. When was Thomas Jefferson born?

32138 23 April 1743
32139 03 April 1743
32140 13 April 1733
32141 13 April 1743

7. What famous document from the American Revolution did Thomas Jefferson write?

32142 Declaration of Independence
32143 Northwest Ordinance
32144 The Stamp Act
32145 Lee Resolution

8. What political position did Thomas Jefferson hold before being elected President of the United States?

32146 Governor of Virginia
32147 Secretary of State
32148 Vice President
32149 All of the above

9. What large piece of land did Thomas Jefferson buy from France?

32150 Louisiana Purchase
32151 Alaska
32152 Montana
32153 None of these

10. What U.S. President died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson?

32154 George Washington
32155 James Monroe
32156 James Madison
32157 John Adams

11. Who were Lewis and Clark?

32158 The two Vice Presidents that served under Thomas Jefferson
32159 Pirates that attacked the U.S. merchant ships
32160 Explorers Thomas Jefferson sent to map out the land west of the United States
32161 All of above

12. The Parliament of England does not have any right to dictate to the American public, such a role he put in his book?

32162 Summary Whole of the Rights of British America
32163 Summary Whole of the Rights of British England
32164 Summary Whole of the Rights of British France
32165 None of above
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