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Trivia Quiz On Water Resources In India

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In our country with average annual rainfall (114 cm), droughts occur every year. Due to lack of proper water management according to the availability and nature of water in the country, the rainwater flows rapidly into the river drains and flows into the sea, which causes the water scarcity of the country for about nine months after the rains. These are the root causes of water scarcity in the country, which "we can control only through proper management".

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1. Which state has the largest area under tank irrigation?

23206 Uttar Pradesh
23207 West Bengal
23208 Tamil Nadu
23209 Karnataka

2. Periyar reservoir provides irrigation facilities to......

23210 Periyar district
23211 Trichy district
23212 Salem district
23213 Madurai district

3. Which is the world's largest dam?

23214 Hirakud dam
23215 Mettur dam
23216 Ukai dam
23217 Nagarjuna sagar dam

4. The Chilka lake is situated in which state?

23218 UP
23219 Bihar
23220 Orissa
23221 Punjab

5. Mettur Dam was designed by.....

23222 Hanumanthaiyah
23223 Visweswaraiah
23224 Jayasamaraja Vodeyar
23225 Chandra Sekar

6. Where is the Vaigai dam located?

23226 Kanyakumari district
23227 Madurai district
23228 Theni district
23229 Vellore district

7. Bhakra Nangal dam is constructed at.....

23230 UP
23231 Punjab
23232 Orissa
23233 Madhya pradesh

8. The Mullai Periyar Dam is a dispute between....

23234 Kerala and Karnataka
23235 Kerala and Tamil Nadu
23236 Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
23237 Tamil Nadu and Andhra pradesh
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