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Quiz: How Much You Know About The Climate Of India?
80 Played 01-Sep-2020
The climate of India is said to be the best climate of all countries, India's climate can be broadly described as tropical monsoon type. Although there are vari...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Climate Impact Of Air Travel?
36 Played 01-Sep-2020
Impact on the environment due to air travel is because aircraft engines, which emit heat, noise particulates, and gases that contribute to climate change and gl...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Climate Emergency?
134 Played 01-Sep-2020
In December 2019, the European Union has become the first multilateral group to declare 'Climate Emergency'. European Union lawmakers urged the European Commis...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change?
338 Played 01-Sep-2020
Recently a new report has been released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which presents a holistic analysis of land and climate change. It was ...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Permafrost and Climate Change?
48 Played 01-Sep-2020
Permafrost refers to the permanent frosting. It refers to ground continuously under frozen conditions for more than 2 years, either on land or on ocean permafro...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Climate And Climate Change?
177 Played 01-Sep-2020
"Climate" is a broad and broad term that conveys the long-term weather of a state. The term derives from the reciprocal combination of water and air, which lite...