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Trivia Quiz On Cognitive Theory of Jean Piaget

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Jean Piaget was a genetic epistemologist and psychologist and he knew for his work on child development. He was born in Switzerland on 9 August 1896. he gave his theory in 1936 and explains how a child constructs a model of the world in his mind. He was the first psychologist who makes a systematic study of cognitive development.

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1. How many stages are present in Piaget's cognitive theory?

10592 2
10593 3
10594 5
10595 4

2. According to Piaget, which one of the following is not a basic feature of the preoperational period?

10596 Transformation
10597 Centration
10598 Decentration
10599 Conservation

3. Which stage is directed through sensory experiences?

10600 Pre-Operational stage
10601 Sensori-Motor stage
10602 Concrete Operational stage
10603 Formal Operational stage

4. Animism present in which stage?

10604 Sensori-Motor stage
10605 Pre-Operational stage
10606 Concrete Operational stage
10607 Formal Operational stage

5. For the learning of language, which area is underestimated by Piaget?

10608 Heredity
10609 Active construction by the child
10610 Hands on experience
10611 Social interaction

6. The process by which the cognitive structure is modified is called....?

10612 Perception
10613 Accommodation
10614 Schema
10615 Assimilation

7. Development of the capacity for abstract scientific thinking is a characteristic of ....?

10616 Formal Operational stage
10617 Concrete Operational stage
10618 Sensori-Motor stage
10619 Pre-Operational stage

8. Which cognitive ability comes in the pre-operational stage?

10620 Ability of goal directed behavior
10621 Ability to take other's perspective
10622 Hypothetico-deductive thinking
10623 Ability for abstract thinking

9. In which stage object permanence takes place?

10624 Formal Operational stage
10625 Concrete Operational stage
10626 Pre-Operational stage
10627 Sensori-Motor stage

10. Egocentrism present in which stage?

10628 Formal Operation stage
10629 Pre-Operational stage
10630 Concrete Operational stage
10631 Sensori-Motor stage
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