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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Hookes law In Mechanical Engineering
113 Played 06-Apr-2020
According to the Robert Hooke rule, when an object is exerted in the elastic limit, the stress and deformation produced in that object are proportional to defor...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Rectifiers In Electronics Engineering
104 Played 27-Mar-2020
Talking about rectifiers, it is an electronic device that works to convert AC current to DC. Rectifiers are used in many circuits. Wherever we have to change th...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Electronic Color Code In Electronics Engineering
74 Played 27-Mar-2020
The Resistance color codes are used to indicate electronic ratings, with four, five, or six stripes of colors predominantly formed above the resistance. Accordi...

Trivia Quiz On Amplifier In Electronics Engineering
105 Played 29-Mar-2020
An amplifier is a device that is used to increase the voltage and current of a signal. Simply put, the amplifier increases signal strength. It converts a weak e...

Alternating Current Quiz Test Questions and Answers
126 Played 07-Mar-2020
Alternating current was first created by French Inventor Hippolyte Pixii in 1832 to generate a truly alternating current, a Dynamo electric generator based on F...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Ultrafast Laser Surface Texturing Technology In Mechanical Engineering
65 Played 28-Mar-2020
In Ultrafast Laser Surface Fabrication Techniques, micro-sockets or grooves are created on the surface of objects in a highly controlled manner through a pulsed...

Test Your Knowledge About Thermographic Camera In Electronics Engineering Quiz
66 Played 28-Mar-2020
A Thermographic camera is one of the most important devices that use infrared radiation to create an image. Infrared energy is just one part of the electromagne...