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Trivia Quiz On Amplifier In Electronics Engineering

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1. An amplifier is a circuit that has a power gain greater than...

65494 One
65495 Two
65496 Three
65497 Four

2. The amount of amplification provided by an amplifier is measured by ...

65498 Its gain
65499 Its electrical circuit
65500 Its frequency
65501 All of the above

3. The amplifier that amplifies the current of the input signal is called.

65502 Trans-conductance amplifier
65503 Voltage amplifier
65504 Current amplifier
65505 None of these

4. An amplifier that increases the voltage of a given input signal is called.

65506 Trans-conductance amplifier
65507 Current amplifier
65508 Voltage amplifier
65509 None of these

5. An amplifier that changes the output current according to the change in input voltage is called.

65510 Current amplifier
65511 Voltage amplifier
65512 Trans-conductance amplifier
65513 None of these

6. An amplifier that changes the output current according to the change in input current is called.

65514 Trans-resistance amplifier
65515 Current amplifier
65516 Voltage amplifier
65517 Trans-conductance amplifier

7. Generally, an operational amplifier has ------------------terminals.

65518 Three
65519 Four
65520 Five
65521 Six

8. Which are used in resistors and capacitors etc.?

65522 Op-amps
65523 Op-ams
65524 Both of the above
65525 None of these

9. Which is used as an amplifier at high radio frequencies?

65526 Klystron
65527 Cavity magnetron
65528 Traveling‑wave tube
65529 All of the above

10. Which type of amplifier is most efficient?

65542 Class C power amplifiers
65543 Class AB power amplifiers
65544 Class B power amplifier
65545 Class A power amplifier
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