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86 Played 15-Jun-2020
One of the most famous psychologists Lawrence Kohlbergis an American psychologist. He was born on 25th October 1927 Bronxville New York, United States. On the b...

Lev Vygotsky
1157 Played 15-Jun-2020
Socio-cultural development theory was given by Lev Vygotsky. He was a Russian psychologist and a social constructivist. According to him, social interaction pla...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Educational Psychology?
249 Played 25-Apr-2020
Educational psychology is the application of psychological theories and principles into education and its environment. Education Psychology tells the teacher ab...

How Mature Are You Quiz
410 Played 18-May-2020
Let’s find out how mature are you. This is a test to see your maturity level and analyzing your results based on your given answers. Also, please be honest with...

Trivia Quiz On Trial And Error Theory of Edward Thorndike
2563 Played 05-Aug-2019
Trial and error theory of learning is given by Thorndike and he was labeled as Connectionism. He was an American psychologist and a teacher at Columbia Universi...

How Mature Am I Quiz
90 Played 18-May-2020
Do you act childish? There is no harm in allowing your inner child to come out sometimes. Yet it is expected to show maturity when needed. If you are in a quest...

Jean Piaget
405 Played 15-Jun-2020
Jean Piaget was a genetic epistemologist and psychologist and he knew for his work on child development. He was born in Switzerland on 9 August 1896. he gave hi...

How Petty Are You Quiz
79 Played 23-May-2020
Forgiving or a ridiculous sinner, how do you see yourself? Some moments make you king or queen while sometimes later you act petty when you sense aggrieved. Mos...

Are You A Psychic Quiz
286 Played 18-Oct-2019
There is no superhuman strength nor is there the ability to fly. This quiz is based on the true facts and powers around the world, which one of them might have?...