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What Is Your Aura Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which animal do you think resonates with your personality?

159892 Lion
159893 Seal
159894 Elephant
159895 Bear

2. Which of these qualities do you think you are better than most of the people in your surrounding?

159896 Leadership
159897 Public Speaking
159898 Making Decisions
159899 Practicality

3. Which one of these bread do you prefer more?

159900 White bread
159901 Brown bread
159902 Bun
159903 Banana Bread

4. What kind of people do you like to live with?

159904 Those are smarter than me
159905 Those who are less smart than how much I am
159906 Those who are equally smart as I am
159907 I live like living with all kind of people

5. How do you plan your day?

159908 Making the list of tasks to be done on the previous night in my diary
159909 By writing down tasks on my whiteboard
159910 Just plan the things to be done as I wake up
159911 I don’t plan my day

6. What kind of people are you surrounded with?

159912 More of introverts
159913 More of Extroverts
159914 More of ambiverts
159915 A mix of all

7. What do you think your friends think about you?

159916 Humorous
159917 Clever
159918 Smart
159919 Funny

8. Which academic subject do you have an interest in?

159920 Mathematics
159921 Biology
159922 Physics
159923 Accounts

9. Which is the most important thing for you when you go to a party?

159924 My hairstyle
159925 My dress
159926 My perfume
159927 My accessories (Watch and other gadgets)

10. How do you feel most of the time?

159928 Cheerful
159929 Sad
159930 Aggressive
159931 Irritated
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