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Trivia Quiz On Radioactive Waste In Nuclear Chemistry

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Radioactive waste is a waste that contains radioactive material, often resulting in a nuclear reaction. Radioactive waste contains substances that are harmful to life. Radioactive waste comes from many sources. In countries with nuclear power plants, nuclear armaments, or nuclear fuel treatment plants, most of the waste originates from the nuclear fuel cycle and reprocessing of nuclear weapons. Other sources include medical and industrial waste, as well as naturally occurring radioactive materials that may be concentrated as a result of the processing or consumption of coal, oil, and gas, and some minerals, as discussed below. Let's know more about Radioactive Waste In Nuclear Chemistry.

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1. How much % of spent fuel is recycled into uranium-based and MOX fuels in modern nuclear plants?

64366 Over 16% of spent fuel
64367 Over 66% of spent fuel
64368 Over 86% of spent fuel
64369 Over 96% of spent fuel

2. Which country produces most nuclear waste worldwide?

64370 The United States
64371 China
64372 India
64373 None of these

3. What are all substances in radioactive waste?

64374 Either are themselves radioactive
64375 Contaminated by either radioactivity
64376 Which are not considered useful for future
64377 All of the above

4. Which of the following is the Classification of radioactive waste?

64378 low level Waste
64379 Intermediate Level Waste
64380 High Level Waste
64381 All of the above

5. Which level of waste disposal requires cooling and preservation measures?

64382 Intermediate Level Waste
64383 low level Waste
64384 High Level Waste
64385 All of the above

6. Which one is the Causes of ocean radioactive pollution?

64386 Dumping of radioactive waste
64387 Nuclear bomb test
64388 Nuclear accidents from nuclear power plants
64389 All of the above

7. Which are the Effects of Radioactive pollution?

64390 Chronic Diseases
64391 Cancer
64392 Even sudden death
64393 All of the above

8. The main cause of radioactive radiation in the coastal parts of northern France is a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant that flows how many million liters of radioactive liquid into the ocean every year?

64394 03 million liters of radioactive liquid per year
64395 13 million liters of radioactive liquid per year
64396 33 million liters of radioactive liquid per year
64397 43 million liters of radioactive liquid per year

9. What is the measuring unit of radioactivity?

64398 Becquerel
64399 Hz
64400 Ohm
64401 None of these

10. LLW carries such radioactive material that contains --------------.

64402 Alpha Activity
64403 Shielding
64404 Decay Heat
64405 All of the above
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