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Which FIFA Player Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which position on the football field do you like the most?

157464 I like being an attacking Midfielder
157465 I love playing in the center
157466 I like being a goalkeeper
157467 I like being a defender

2. What will you do with the money that you will get after signing with a big club?

157468 Own a car collection
157469 Donate it
157470 Start a business
157471 I haven’t thought about it

3. How many hours of training will you put in after you have signed with a big club?

157472 More than 4 hours
157473 2-4 hours
157474 Why would I train?
157475 I don’t like training

4. Which of these kicks will you choose to score with?

157476 Bicycle
157477 Curl
157478 Dummy
157479 Half Volley

5. Which of these skills would you like to master?

157480 Tackling
157481 Passing
157482 Dribbling
157483 I won’t all three of them

6. Which of these football leagues do you follow the most?

157488 Serie A
157489 La Liga
157490 English Premier league
157491 Bundesliga

7. Which club’s jersey do you like the most?

157492 Real Madrid C.F.
157493 FC Barcelona
157494 Manchester United F.C.
157495 Juventus F.C.

8. Which country would you like to present in Football?

157496 The country I belong to
157497 Spain
157498 Germany
157499 Portugal

9. Who do you think plays a crucial part in the game?

157500 Goalkeeper
157501 Forward
157502 Manager
157503 Everyone

10. What would you like to do after winning the cup?

157508 Have a lovely dinner
157509 Party all night
157510 Go and sleep
157511 Go on a Vacation
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