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How Drunk Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How are you feeling?

148202 Normal
148203 I can't stop crying
148204 I have never been happier
148205 Am I even alive?

2. When was the last time you had a drink?

148206 Days
148207 A few hours
148208 I am still drinking
148209 Time is an abstract concept created by carbon based life forms to monitor their on going decay.

3. How many drinks did you take?

148210 1-2 drinks
148211 3-4 drinks
148212 I don't remember
148213 Who said anything about drinking?

4. What is 4*5?

148214 20
148215 45
148216 I am just bad at math and won't be able to do it even sober
148217 Never heard of it

5. When was the last time you ate something?

148218 Within past hour
148219 Few hours back
148220 Had lunch
148221 I do photosynthesis

6. How do you feel?

148222 Like someone has tied a rock to my head and i can barely open my eyes
148223 Never felt this energetic before
148224 I just wanna sleep
148225 Numb

7. What according to you is the best idea?

148226 Continue partying
148227 Go home
148228 Lets go a trip
148229 I'll sleep here

8. When you look around you see:

148230 Excessive light rays
148231 Everyone is moving a bit fast
148232 Things normal
148233 I see black spots everywhere

9. What do you feel like eating?

148234 Homemade food
148235 Pizza
148236 Momos
148237 I wanna puke

10. Can you touch your chin?

148238 Yes
148239 Took me some time
148240 I can't feel my face
148241 How do I do that?
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