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Quiz: How Do You Know When You Are In Love?

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Questions & Options

1. How many times do you think about that special someone?

19870 24/7
19871 When we are together
19872 A few times a day
19873 Rarely

2. How do you feel when you see him/her for the very first time?

19874 Normal
19875 Nervous
19876 Excited
19877 Anxious

3. Have you ever felt this feeling for someone else?

19878 Not really
19879 Yes
19880 Never
19881 Maybe

4. How do you feel when he/she touches you and looks at you?

19882 Normal
19883 Warm and happy
19884 Awesome that I can’t able to tell you in words
19885 Nothing

5. Have you ever dreamed about him/her?

19886 Nope
19887 Yes, but not regularly
19888 Once
19889 Many times now

6. Can you describe your feelings for him?

19890 Yes
19891 Sort of
19892 With words? No
19893 It would take forever

7. Can you name his/her favorite food/ band/movie?

19894 No
19895 Yes, of course
19896 I could name some of those things
19897 Not those specific, but I know their preferences

8. Do you feel tempted to cheat?

19898 No
19899 Yes, but I never act on it
19900 Somewhere yes
19901 I don’t know

9. What do you like the best thing about him?

19902 Looks
19903 Happy and optimistic personality
19904 Just the looks
19905 None of the above

10. Does your mom know about your feelings?

19906 No
19907 Yes
19908 I want to but I am scared
19909 Not sure
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