What Is Your Love Alignment Quiz

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Love Alignment explains our living and loving in the same way as being loved by someone. It is always mandated to take time and effort in order to align your vision, values, and passion with your partner, else it would slowly and gradually take a toll on your relationship. The mutual understanding and sharing of core values, goals, and expectations maintain your relationship for long tenure and also increase the love and trust between you both.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you and your partner like to do in your spare time?

A. Love to spend time with each other

B. Like to spend time with our friends individually

C. Like to do our pending stuff

D. Rest and look for self space

2. How do you and your partner resolve when you have any arguments on any topic?

A. We don't argue only

B. My partner apologies and then it get resolved

C. Simply let things slide

D. We try to discuss about the concern and resolve the matter

3. What is your perception of your partner, do you feel your partner can do wrong?

A. Yes, anyone can do wrong

B. I don't think my partner can do wrong, he's perfect

C. I am wondering can he really do anything wrong

D. My partner is well talented, he can do wrong but can easily get it fix also

4. Did you ever become broke up with any of your partners?

A. Yes, but also got it sorted

B. Yes and never communicated again

C. No, never reached that stage

D. Happily living with my partner

5. Are you completely over your ex?

A. Yes, I even don't think about my ex

B. Might be yes, but talk when my ex call me up casually

C. I am not over my ex but well aware that our relationship is over

D. No I still miss my ex badly

6. What is the best feature of your partner?

A. Nature

B. Intense Love

C. Fashion sense

D. Physical Feature

7. Which of the following emotion do you feel for your partner?

A. Obsessed

B. Love

C. Stress Out

D. Always lost in his thoughts

8. Which word describes best your partner while argument?

A. Stern

B. Pushover

C. Disrespecting

D. Rude

9. What do you think about being in a relationship?

A. Hesitant

B. Decent Bond between two people

C. Sharing love and care

D. Commitment

10. What is your relationship status with your partner?

A. Married

B. Dating

C. About to get married

D. Complicated

11. How would you prefer to get loved by your partner?

A. Take you out for hangout

B. Get you gifts

C. Help in house chores

D. Care for you and take efforts to make you feel special

12. How do you show love to your partner?

A. Take my partner out

B. Grand gesture of love and care

C. Gift something special to my partner

D. Make cards, write letter or do something customize


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