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How To Know If You Are In Love Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How often do you think about him/her?

87381 24/7
87382 Rarely
87383 A few times a day
87384 Only when we are together

2. Is he/she hot or cute?

87385 Hot
87386 Cute
87387 Didn’t noticed
87388 A bit of both at times

3. How do you feel about your special someone?

87389 Embarrassed
87390 Excited
87391 Proud
87392 Addicted

4. These days what changes do you observe in yourself?

87393 You became jealous
87394 You became careful
87395 You became careless
87396 You became nervous

5. How do you feel when you are apart from each other?

87397 Feel lost
87398 I don’t care
87399 Feel if this time is never-ending
87400 Cry all the time

6. What do you do when you came to know about the demise of his/her grandfather?

87401 Go straight to their home to be with him/her
87402 Text a condolence message
87403 Call to feel sorry and ask if he/she needs anything
87404 Express sorry when they are back to work

7. Your partner gets pregnant after sex. What would you do? (For Guys)

87405 Stay with her and get married
87406 Take her for abortion
87407 Excited by the news
87408 Shocked and blame her that she is pregnant with someone else

8. What will you do to recover your partner from suicidal thoughts?

87409 Walk away because you think he/she is crazy
87410 Sit with them and try to relax him/her
87411 Get the help of a counselor
87412 Do nothing & watch what happens

9. Do you feel jealous to see him talking to the opposite sex other than you?

87413 Yes, of course
87414 I go mad
87415 Sometimes
87416 The other would be flirting with her/him

10. Would you help him/her when needed?

87417 Depends on what he/she wants
87418 If it is an emergency I would immediately rush to her/him
87419 I would ask a close friend to reach him/her
87420 I am willing to help her/him
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