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How Much You Know Cause of Heart Attack Disease? Take This Ultimate Silent Killer Heart Attack Trivia Quiz

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World Heart Day is celebrated every year in the last week of September. Organized by the World Heart Federation since 2000. It is celebrated every year in a theme base manner to make people aware of heart diseases. Every fifth person in India is a heart patient. Heart attacks are considered among the biggest diseases of the heart. This may also be due to our catering. Blood circulation occurs in our body from the heart itself. Performs the work of transporting pure blood to every part of the body. It is very important to control cholesterol level to prevent heart diseases. For heart patients, there is always confusion as to what type of food they should eat or how not to eat, you should consult a heart specialist. According to the World Heart Federation, at least 80% of premature deaths (due to heart diseases) are controlled by the four main factors such as poor diet, tobacco use, non-exercise, and alcohol consumption. Diseases can be controlled.

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1. What is the theme of the 2019 world heart day?

31818 Clean Heart, Good Heart
31819 My Heart, Your Heart
31820 Heart disease awareness
31821 All of above

2. Exercising for about _______ minutes two to three times a week is very beneficial for the heart.

31822 60 minutes
31823 50 minutes
31824 30 minutes
31825 20 minutes

3. The antioxidants and flavonoids present in, which chocolate are known to promote a healthy heart?

31826 Brown chocolate
31827 Colourless chocolate
31828 Dark chocolate
31829 None of these

4. Every day, your heart beats (which means it expands and contracts) an impressive ______________ times.

31830 166,666 times
31831 100,000 times
31832 199,000 times
31833 199,990 times

5. Even if all the nerves to your heart were cut, it would keep beating if separated from your body. That's because the heart has its own ____________ system?

31834 Oxygen generation system
31835 Electrical system
31836 Protection system
31837 All of above

6. A broken heart can...

31838 Really hurt
31839 Be seen on an X-ray
31840 Last forever
31841 None of these

7. How many gallons of blood does your heart pump each day?

31842 1,000 gallons
31843 4,000 gallons
31844 2,000 gallons
31845 3,000 gallons

8. When was the first successful human heart transplant?

31846 In 1946
31847 In 1967
31848 In 1975
31849 In 2000

9. How many ribs down is your heart?

31850 23 ribs
31851 24 ribs
31852 22 ribs
31853 10 ribs

10. How many chambers are in the human heart?

31854 8 chambers
31855 6 chambers
31856 4 chambers
31857 2 chambers

11. The heart has been linked with love at least as far back as:

31858 Elizabethan times
31859 The Middle Ages
31860 The '60s
31861 All of above

12. How big is a woman's heart?

31862 Woman's heart is smaller than a man's heart
31863 Woman's heart is 118 grams a man's heart weighs 60 grams
31864 Having veins that are an average of 1 mm thinner than men's
31865 All of above
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