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Are You Looking For Love Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Have you been in any relationship in the past?

156723 None
156724 Forgot the count
156725 A few times
156726 Only once

2. Have you asked some out?

156727 It’s usually others who ask me out
156728 Never
156729 Once but was rejected
156730 A few times

3. Which word best describes your love life?

156731 Boring
156732 Fun
156733 Complicated
156734 Imaginary

4. Which type of dating do you prefer?

156735 All of them
156736 Online
156737 Offline
156738 Not a single one

5. Do you feel depressed when someone rejects you?

156739 Who will reject me?
156740 No, It’s all part of life
156741 I lock myself in my room
156742 Never asked anyone out

6. Are you mean to people?

156743 Sometimes
156744 Not once
156745 It’s a rough world you have to be mean
156746 Only to my partners

7. Which of these qualities do you prefer the most?

156747 Caring and loving
156748 Good looking
156749 I just want a partner
156750 Should be rich

8. How do you perceive yourself?

156751 I am ugly
156752 I am what I am and I don’t care
156753 I am the most beautiful/handsome person in the world
156754 Never thought about it

9. How do you look at your relationship?

156755 I am single
156756 Temporary
156757 Everlasting
156758 Depends on my partner

10. How well do you communicate with your partner?

156759 Never had one
156760 Very well
156761 Wish I was a good communicator
156762 Moderate
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