Quiz: Which Private Expression Of Love Do You Have?

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Love can be expressed in many ways, it is the pleasantness that we experience when we are around someone that we truly love. For some people, it can be physical intimacy, and for others, just being with someone is enough. Different people have different ways of expressing their love. This quiz is designed in a way that it can help you find out which private expression of love you have. Try it out by answering a few basic questions.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you celebrate your birthday?

A. I throw a huge party and invite everyone I know

B. All I care about is gifts

C. I don't like birthdays, so I stay at home

D. I go to work like usual

2. What type of dreams do you get most?

A. Falling from a cliff

B. Being naked

C. Being chased

D. Flying

3. If you had a day off, how would you spend it?

A. Study or work

B. Sleep for whole day

C. Hang out with friends

D. Spend time with a hobby or something I like

4. How would your family describe you?

A. Curious

B. Annoying

C. Stubborn

D. Funny

5. How often do you go out for a walk in nature?

A. Daily

B. One in three days

C. Once a week

D. Rarely

6. When was the last time you sat on a roller coaster?

A. Last month

B. Last year

C. In last 3 years

D. It’s been more than 3 years

7. If your friends ask you out for a trip to the mountains, how would you respond?

A. I will ask my parents

B. Sorry, I have work

C. Hell yeah

D. I like beaches more

8. Are you scared of the dark?

A. I was when I was a child

B. I can’t go to the washroom at night

C. I prefer darkness more

D. I am fine with it

9. What do you do when you are sick?

A. I sleep for the whole day

B. I leave everything to my mom

C. I take medicines and go to work

D. I expect people to be around me and take care of me

10. What is your age?

A. 15 or less

B. 16 to 30

C. 31 to 50

D. 51 or more


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