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Quiz: How Much You Know About Camera?

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A camera is a very important device for our life. By the camera, we can capture our present for future memory. I damn sure, each and everyone has one or more than one camera. And on a daily basis, we are taking millions of images for our memory. But we do not know how camera work & how they store our images. Let's take this quiz & know more about Camera.

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1. Who made the camera?

75700 Johann Zahn
75701 Josph Niepac
75702 Haythan Zahn
75703 None of these

2. Who was the first Photographer?

75704 Nicephore niepae
75705 Joseph nicephore niepce
75706 Robert Cornelius
75707 George Eastman

3. When made the camera?

75708 1685
75709 1675
75710 1665
75711 1655

4. Who took the first selfie?

75712 Cornelius robert
75713 Eastman robert
75714 Robert Cornelius
75715 Phila Eastman

5. Who took the first selfie in India?

75720 Robert Cornelius
75721 Joseph nicephore
75722 Johann zahn
75723 None of these

6. What is the full form of a DSLR camera?

75724 Digital service lens red
75725 Digital single-lens reflex
75726 Digital sound lens reflex
75727 Digital single light reflex

7. Who invented DSLR?

75728 Eastman Kodak
75729 Steven Kodak
75730 Steve Sasson
75731 George Eastman

8. What are the two main types of the camera?

75732 Digital camera
75733 DSLR or SLR
75734 Shoot camera
75735 Niece camera
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