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Quiz: How Well You Know About Terrestrial Habitat?
3 Played 21-Sep-2020
Terrestrial habitat is a habitat that is found on land, such as terrestrial habitats in a large range of environments, such as forests, grasslands, deserts, coa...

Lungs of Earth Amazon Forest Trivia Quiz! Can You Pass The Test On The Lungs of Earth Amazon Forest?
199 Played 29-Oct-2019
The Amazon Forest is surrounded by about 40 percent of Brazil's total area, with the Guyana Highlands to the north, the Andes Mountains to the west, the Brazili...

Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About House of Nature Savanna Biome
248 Played 13-Jun-2020
Biomes are a major part of terrestrial ecosystems. Under this, all the functional groups of flora and fauna are included. The complex bio-community that develop...

National Parks and Sanctuaries of India Trivia Quiz
176 Played 09-Dec-2019
A national park is an area strictly reserved for the protection of wildlife and maintenance of the ecosystem. So no private ownership rights are allowed here. C...

How Much You Know About The Amazon Rainforest: The Amazon Jungle Trivia Quiz
611 Played 16-Sep-2019
The Amazon rainforest is also known as the lung of the world. It provides ecological services not only for local tribes and communities but also for the rest of...

Adaptation In The Tropical Region Trivia Quiz
11 Played 21-Sep-2020
The tropical region is located very close to the equator in which each organism is suited to live in its particular habitat and each organism is adapted to its ...

Management And Use Of Deciduous Forests Quiz Questions and Answers
50 Played 26-Apr-2020
Forests are definitely one of the greatest gift and the best blessing to the people. Of course, there are several other gifts the nature has given to us but for...