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Who Are My Ancestors Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Choose the county you found to be suitable for you from below?

61510 India
61511 Rome
61512 England
61513 Greece

2. Which era of history do you find to be very interesting?

61518 336 BC
61519 268 BC
61520 Year 1558
61521 27 BC

3. Choose on a quote that touches you want to take through your life?

61526 Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.
61527 Killing or sacrificing living beings (humans or animals) was not allowed.
61528 God forgive you, but I never can.
61529 If you want rainbow, you have to deal with rain.

4. What will you choose from the given below option?

61530 War
61531 Power
61532 Peace
61533 Religion

5. Choose the month you think that was lucky for you?

61534 August
61535 March
61536 July
61537 April

6. The Animal you are curious for?

61538 Lion
61539 Horse
61540 Phoenix
61541 She- Wolf

7. Choose the color that gives you power?

61546 White
61547 Navy Blue
61548 Yellow
61549 Purple

8. What kind of person you will choose to be with?

61550 Loyal Irritating person
61551 Disloyal Non Irritable Person
61552 Successful person, no matter who he is
61553 Non Successful person with character

9. Which one of them is most important in your life?

61554 Family
61555 Friends
61556 Fan
61557 Relatives

10. What will you do when you found that the person you trust most had betrayed you?

61558 Punish him instantly
61559 Find out the reason to do so and then choose accordingly
61560 Let them go and never trust them again
61561 Will do nothing
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