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What Type of Leader Are You Quiz

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Leaders are presentative of the team and teamwork, they not only lead but also help their team members to achieve their target and get their work done in a compact and concise way. A good leader is always one who supports it, team member, stands for them, motivate them to perform and if scolds on mistakes then never backout to appreciate over their team's great work. It keeps its team member united and motivated to achieve the target and encourage them to go beyond their limits so as to make them realize their skills.

Let’s start the quiz

1. What kind of personality do you think you are?

99711 Loud
99712 Chill
99713 Let it go
99714 Reserved

2. How much is the space of mistakes by your team?

99715 Average
99716 Unexpected
99717 Non-negotiable
99718 Depends

3. How do you supervise your team?

99719 Instruct
99720 Suggest
99721 Co-ordinate
99722 Teach

4. What sort of goal achievement do you believe in?

99723 United
99724 Harmony
99725 Own Success
99726 Peaceful

5. Which word can describe your team functionality best?

99727 Transparency
99728 Coordination
99729 Helpful
99730 Unity

6. According to you what can be the best way to get work done by your team?

99731 Discussing
99732 Group
99733 Individual contribution
99734 Make them work as you want

7. What you consider is the most important thing that you expect from your team?

99735 Work to be done
99736 Loyalty
99737 Regularity
99738 Smart work

8. If we talk about your future vision and team standard then what can be categorized as?

99739 High
99740 Average
99741 Simple
99742 Complex

9. What is more important to you?

99743 Team
99744 Achieving goals and objectives
99745 Your Commitment
99746 Depends over the situations

10. How do you make decisions?

99747 Take it at own choice
99748 Ask everyone depends upon majority
99749 Analyse the scenario and options
99750 Discuss with people
Let’s start the quiz

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