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Human Development Trivia Quiz
56 Played 15-May-2020
Development is a growth of economy along with the improvement in the quality of life of people like health, education, etc. Per capita income is the average inc...

How Well You Know About Foreign Direct Investment FDI Trivia Quiz
80 Played 22-Apr-2020
The investment made by a company of one country in another country is called Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). With such investment, the investors get some share...

Economics Quiz For High School Student
61 Played 27-Apr-2020
You all must be aware or at least might be aware of the word Economics? Well of course, the word is one of the most important topics that any person must be awa...

Trivia Quiz On Virtual Currency In Economics
73 Played 07-Mar-2020
Virtual currency is a type of irregular digital currency that is available only in electronic form. It is transacted only through specified software, mobile or ...

Indian Economy Quiz Questions and Answers
90 Played 07-Mar-2020
Indian Economy is the 5th world's largest economy on the basis of domestic gross product (GDP) and 3rd largest economy on the basis of purchasing power parity (...