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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Global Risks Report 2020

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The Global Risk Report 2020 is released by World Economic Forum in this year. The World Economic Forum has released the Global Risk Report 2020 ahead of its annual meeting in Davos.This report is based on the perception of global experts and decision makers about the potential for global risks. According to the report, people of the present younger generation are also included, they have given more importance to environmental risks in the short and long term context.The youths believe that excessive heat waves, destruction of ecosystems and health-related problems affected by pollution will increase for the next generations next year. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Global Risks Report 2020.

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1. When was global radix report 2020 released by WEF?

54502 Before 11-14 January
54503 Before 10-20 January
54504 Before 21-24 January
54505 Before 08-10 January

2. According to the report, what is the potential top risk related to the environment in the next decade?

54506 Extreme weather events such as floods and hurricanes
54507 Major biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation
54508 Man-made environmental damage and disasters
54509 All of the above

3. According to the report, in which year people are included in the current youth category?

54510 Year 1980
54511 Year 1970
54512 Year 1990
54513 Year 1950

4. According to the GRI report, health-related problems will increase by about ______________ percent in the year 2020 for the next generations.

54514 20 percent
54515 40 percent
54516 50 percent
54517 70 percent

5. Youngsters also believe that by the which year, the effects of environmental risks will be more devastating?

54518 Year 2020
54519 Year 2022
54520 Year 2025
54521 Year 2030

6. What does the WEF report warn about in the future?

54522 Epidemic
54523 Non-communicable diseases
54524 Vaccines and drug resistance
54525 All of the above

7. According to the GRI report, which is the short time threat in 2029?

54526 Economic confrontation
54527 Political polarization
54528 Both of the above
54529 None of these

8. The State of India's Environment Report is released by which organization?

54530 Centre for Science and Environment
54531 World Economic Forum
54532 UN development programme
54533 None of these

9. In which year the Global Risk Index report founded?

54534 In 2000
54535 In 2002
54536 In 2004
54537 In 2006

10. In which country is the Davos city located?

54538 Switzerland
54539 New Zealand
54540 Iraq
54541 Iran

11. According to the report, the _________ conditions in Zimbabwe are expected to continue in the year 2020.

54542 Drought
54543 Hunger
54544 Heatwave
54545 Nine of these

12. Where is the headquarter of world economic forum?

54546 Cologny, Switzerland
54547 Davos, Switzerland
54548 Rome, Italy
54549 None of these
Let’s start the quiz

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