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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Where The Red Fern Grows Novel
7 Played 08-Oct-2020
Novels are definitely the best friend of a person. It is believed that emotions are best described in the novels and the people who read novels a lot tend to ha...

English Sentence Improvement Quiz Questions and Answers
114 Played 27-Apr-2020
Direction:- In each question, a part of the sentence is written in inverted commas and some phrases are given in each sentence which can substitute the inverted...

63 Played 15-May-2020
Well -drilled vocabulary would help you develop comprehensive and learning skills thus assist you in various competitive exams wherein language plays a vital ro...

Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Opposite Words in English
59 Played 29-Apr-2020
In English courses, opposite words have their unique position because through opposite word test examiner or any teacher check the word vocabulary of the studen...

Sequences of Sentence English Test Quiz
93 Played 16-Feb-2020
English is a language which is spoken all over the world, that's why it's called a global language. Now, these days without English we can't get success or go a...