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Sequences of Sentence English Test Quiz

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1. (A) school education to (B) be free of cost for (C) we should make (D) they can study easily (E) girls so that

56666 BCAED
56667 CABED
56668 EDCAB
56669 DCAEB

2. (A) credit disbursement (B) pulling back on (C) rated companies (D) Public Sector Bank is (E) to lower

56670 DBAEC
56671 BAECD
56672 ABEDC
56673 ECDAB

3. (A) childlike nature which (B) ego, while innocence (C) makes you feel light (D), comes from an (E) personality comes from

56674 EBCDA
56675 EBDAC
56676 EBACD
56677 ACDBE

4. (A) as a consequence (B) of nuclear war (C) likelihood of extinction (D) there is an (E) of the human species

56678 CABDE
56679 EDCBA
56680 EBACD
56681 ACDBE

5. (A) which vivid picture (B) illustrating a life (C) the prose itself (D) detracts the reader's (E) understanding of

56682 DCEAB
56683 EABCD
56684 CDBAE
56685 CDBAE

6. (A) are concentrated (B) electrons and protons (C) exclusively (D) in certain finite units (E) matter and electricity

56686 ACBDE
56687 EACDB
56688 BDCEA
56689 DCEAB

7. (A) the perfection of our (B) to the root of our being (C) on our training in truth (D) personality depends mostly (E) and love, upon ideals that go

56690 CDEAB
56691 DACEB
56692 ADBEC
56693 ADCEB

8. (A) had been traveling for days (B) had an original beauty (C) the country through which we (D) with stretches of wide (E) plains across the wide country

56694 ACBED
56695 DECAB
56696 ADBEC
56697 CABDE

9. (A) competition from yahoo (B) its mammoth profitability (C) and Microsoft posed (D) a greater challenge (E) to Google following the disclosure about

56698 DEACB
56699 ACDEB
56700 BACED
56701 EDABC

10. (A) which true speech emanates (B) apace through the (C) kind of speech we (D) also create (E) utter and the silence from

56702 ABCED
56703 BEACD
56704 DBCEA
56705 EDCBA
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