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Comic Book Character Quiz: Which Comic Book Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. If someone in need asks for your help?

156927 I ignore it
156928 I try my best
156929 I break the rules to help them
156930 I help them without breaking the rules

2. Do you like to break rules?

156931 Always
156932 Sometimes
156933 Never
156934 Maybe

3. Do you flirt a lot?

156935 Not every time
156936 People flirt with me
156937 Not at all
156938 Depend on my mood

4. Have you ever wished to wear a cloak of invisibility?

156939 Yes, I can do a lot of naughty stuff
156940 Not at all
156941 Sometimes
156942 It is against my ethics

5. On a scale of 1 to 5 how caring will your friends say you are?

156943 Go ask them
156944 Maybe 1
156945 5 for sure
156946 I don’t care

6. Do you ever think of betraying your near and dear ones?

156947 Never in my life
156948 I will rather die
156949 Depends on the circumstances
156950 Maybe

7. If you had an opportunity to sacrifice yourself to save others will you do that?

156951 Why not?
156952 Maybe
156953 Not at all
156954 I will try my best

8. Which superpower do you wish to possess?

156955 Strength
156956 Acumen
156957 None
156958 Speed

9. If someone from your family is in dire need of help will you help them?

156959 Why not?
156960 Not I hate my family
156961 Certainly
156962 Depends on who is asking

10. Do you ever wish to live a carefree life as a child?

156963 Most of the times
156964 I love my independence
156965 Never
156966 Sometimes
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