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How Much You Know About World Largest Cricket Stadium Motera Quiz

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Motera Stadium in Ahmadabad is the largest cricket ground in the world. This stadium has received the Green Building Award. With this, this stadium has now become India's first green-rated cricket stadium. The stadium has been awarded the Green Building Award by the Indian Green Building Congress. In this stadium, on February 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi organized the Namaste Trump program on the lines of Howdy Modi in America. This stadium has been renovated. The stadium was first built in 1982. Since then international matches have been organized in this stadium. Let's test your knowledge about World Largest Cricket Stadium Motera.

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1. The Motera stadium located in which Indian state?

59402 Gujarat
59403 Utter Pardesh
59404 West Bengal
59405 Rajasthan

2. How much seating capacity of Motera Stadium?

59406 110,0 spectators
59407 110,00 spectators
59408 110,000 spectators
59409 110,0000 spectators

3. What is the Field size of Motera Stadium?

59410 160 yards x 170 yards
59411 152 yards x 170 yards
59412 142 yards x 170 yards
59413 162 yards x 170 yards

4. When was Motera Stadium built?

59414 10 November 1983
59415 11 November 1983
59416 12 November 1983
59417 13 November 1983

5. Grass imported by which country for Motera Stadium?

59418 American Grass
59419 Afghanistan Grass
59420 Australian Grass
59421 Indian Grass

6. Who is the General contractor of the Motera stadium?

59422 Larsen & Toubro
59423 HCL
59424 Acc
59425 None of these

7. Which is the Former names of Motera Stadium?

59426 Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium
59427 Sardar Patel Stadium
59428 Sardar Gujarat Stadium
59429 All of the above

8. Which is the Full name of Motera Stadium?

59430 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium
59431 Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium
59432 Both of the above
59433 None of these

9. Architect name of Motera stadium?

59434 Populous
59435 Shashi Prabhu
59436 Both of the above
59437 None of these

10. When was the first First Test organize in Motera Stadium?

59438 22–26 November 1983
59439 02–06 November 1983
59440 12–16 November 1973
59441 12–16 November 1983

11. When was the first First ODI organize in Motera Stadium?

59442 5 October 19864
59443 5 October 1974
59444 5 October 1984
59445 5 October 1994

12. When was the first Only T20I organize in Motera Stadium?

59446 6 November 2011
59447 6 November 2012
59448 6 November 2013
59449 6 November 2014
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