Trivia Quiz On Natural Vegetation

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Vegetation is found in areas where the 'Annual Rainfall' is between 50 and 100 cm. It is found in the rain-shadow areas of eastern Rajasthan, northern Gujarat, western Madhya Pradesh, south-western Uttar Pradesh, south Punjab, Haryana, and the Western Ghats. Natural vegetation means that it does not need the help of humans and does whatever it needs from its natural environment. There is a close relationship between the height of the land and the character of the vegetation. So take this quiz and test your knowledge on natural vegetation.

Questions Excerpt

1. Name the state of India, in which more sandalwood trees are present.

A. Kerala

B. Kashmir

C. Assam

D. Karnataka

2. What kind of soil do we find in Tamilnadu?

A. Laterite soil

B. Alluvial soil

C. Red soil

D. Black soil

3. Black soil is very good for the growth of......

A. Wheat

B. Rice

C. Cotton

D. Tobacco

4. Which of the following is the highly-priced timber in India?

A. Teak

B. Oak

C. Sandal wood

D. Rose wood

5. Aravalli ranges are an example of....

A. Fold mountain

B. Black mountain

C. Residual mountain

D. Volcanic mountain

6. The famous Kashmir valley is lying between.....

A. Pirpanjal and easterly range of- Himadri

B. Karakoram range and Himadri

C. Pirpanjal and western range of- Himadri

D. Dhang range and siwalik

7. Soft wood is mainly supplied by......

A. Coniferous forests

B. Deciduous forests

C. Tropical forests

D. Siberian forests

8. Which one are the temperate grasslands of North America?

A. Prairies

B. Pampas

C. Llanos

D. Cerrados

9. Elephant grasses are mostly found in.....

A. Pampas

B. Praries

C. Steppes

D. Savannas

10. The largest spice growing state in India is .....

A. Karnataka

B. Kerala

C. Assam

D. Tamilnadu


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