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Aquatic Plant Trivia Quiz
14 Played 25-Oct-2020
Water is a very important resource for any country but the sad part is the ignorance of the people and concerned authorities over this. Even the aquatic species...

Respiration In Plants Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers
72 Played 14-Jun-2020
Glucose produced during photosynthesis plus oxygen to produce energy for plant growth results in the respiration process. Respiration is a biochemical process, ...

Plant Water Relations Trivia Quiz! Test Your Knowledge About Plant Water Relations Quiz
144 Played 03-Dec-2019
Rainfall and melting of snow are the main sources of water to the soil. The force by which soil holds the water is called water potential. With the increase in ...

Quiz: Which Flower Am I?
49 Played 22-Sep-2020
Flowers are the most beautiful thing nature has to offer. There are so many flower species in the world and each has its unique color and texture. There is a fl...

Trivia Quiz On Natural Vegetation
255 Played 07-Sep-2019
Vegetation is found in areas where the 'Annual Rainfall' is between 50 and 100 cm. It is found in the rain-shadow areas of eastern Rajasthan, northern Gujarat, ...

Quiz About Transportation Of Water And Mineral In Plants
71 Played 14-Sep-2020
Transport in plants is one of the important chapters of science because it helps you to know the basic principles of transportation in plants. Like animals, tre...