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Aquatic Plant Trivia Quiz

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Water is a very important resource for any country but the sad part is the ignorance of the people and concerned authorities over this. Even the aquatic species are being affected with all of our ignorance. A lot of facts have been hidden that are yet to be known by all. Do you think you know all the facts about aquatic plants? Do you think you have the intellect to answer about them all? Try out this very interesting and amazing trivia quiz and get yourself the best score in the Aquatic Plant Trivia Quiz!

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1. What are aquatic plants called?

130609 Hydrophytes
130610 Aquabytes
130611 Aquaphibic
130612 Hydrophytes

2. What helps aquatic plants to float on water?

130613 Water filled garbage
130614 Water filled tissues
130615 Air filled tissues
130616 None of the above

3. What do aquatic plants eat?

130617 Proteins
130618 Nutrients
130619 Calcium
130620 Carbohydrates

4. Which are usually without a cuticle layer in order to avoid excessive dryness?

130621 Submerged plants
130622 Excessive plants
130623 Both of them
130624 None of the above

5. Which plants have leaves that float on the surface of the water as opposed to sticking out of it.?

130625 Water
130626 Excessive
130627 Submerged
130628 Free floating

6. Which plants are a great choice if you’re looking to spice up your fish tank’s personality?

130629 Free floating
130630 Submerged
130631 Anubias
130632 Hyacinth

7. Which plant is beneficial for a home fish tank because it can thrive under various conditions?

130633 Anubias
130634 Java Moss
130635 Hyancith
130636 Rheotoric

8. Which seaweed is also called microalgae?

130637 Phytoplankton
130638 Kelp
130639 Both of them
130640 None of the above

9. Which is a smaller seaweed that can be found in the ocean?

130641 Protons
130642 Hynacatin
130643 Phytoplankton
130644 Kelp

10. What are water lilies also called?

130645 Nymphingam
130646 Simple Ordaya
130647 Nymphaea odorata
130648 None of the above

11. Which type of aquatic flower is often mistaken for water lilies?

130649 Lily
130650 Lotus
130651 Kelp
130652 Phytoplankton

12. Which plants are known for the food that they provide for ducks?

130653 Arrow Arrum
130654 Lotus
130655 Water lily
130656 Kelp
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