Respiration In Plants Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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Glucose produced during photosynthesis plus oxygen to produce energy for plant growth results in the respiration process. Respiration is a biochemical process, which is the movement of air between the external environment and the cell, tissues of a living species. In this process, oxygen gas is inhaled in and CO2 is exhaled out. It is referred to as a metabolic process, which obtains energy by Oxidizing nutrients and releasing waste products. Plants produce glucose molecules through the photosynthesis process by capturing solar energy and converting it into glucose. All plants do respire to provide energy for their cells to stay active or alive. So take this quiz and know about the respiration in plants.

Questions Excerpt

1. Aerobic respiration occurs in_______ prokaryotic organisms.

A. Cytoplasm

B. Mitochondria

C. Lysosome

D. Golgi apparatus

2. Name the respiratory organ in woody stems.

A. Cuticle

B. Lenticels

C. Xylem

D. Phloem

3. The scheme of glycolysis was given by ...

A. Charles Dickens

B. Gustav Embdem

C. Michael Faraday

D. John Brown

4. The final product of glycolysis is ...

A. Pyruvate

B. Pyruvic acid

C. Oxalate

D. Oxalic acid

5. Tricyclic acid cycle results in ....

A. Citric acid

B. Lactic acid

C. Tartaric acid

D. Malic acid

6. Try cyclic acid cycle occurs in ...

A. Cytoplasm

B. Golgi apparatus

C. Mitochondrial matrix

D. Cell membrane

7. There is the net gain of _____ ATP molecules in aerobic respiration.

A. 45

B. 35

C. 30

D. 20

8. End products of Kreb's cycle is ...

A. Only NADH + H+

B. Only FADH2


D. NADH2 + H+ and FADH2

9. The respiratory quotient of carbohydrates is ...

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 0.5

10. The respiratory quotient of fats is...

A. 1

B. 0.7

C. 0.5

D. 2

11. The respiratory quotient of proteins is...

A. 1

B. 1.2

C. 1.5

D. 0.9


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