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Ultimate Trivia Quiz Test On Lord Krishna! How Much You Know About Lord Krishna?

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These are the words of Lord Krishna "Nobody dies nor does anyone kill, all are just instruments. All beings were born without a body, after death they will become without a body. These people are seen in the middle of the body, then why do you mourn them". Krishna was not only a political, spiritual and warrior, but he was also proficient in all kinds of disciplines. A new form and union of religion begin with Lord Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna arranged the rules of religion, politics, society, and policy. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. His childhood was spent in places like Gokul, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Barsana, etc. He made Dwarka his residence and left the body in the Prabhas region.

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1. Lord Krishna left the body in the Prabhas region near_________.

29966 Near Vrindavan
29967 Near Somnath
29968 Near Nandgaon
29969 None of these

2. Due to which knowledge, 'Narayani Sena' became India's most dreaded army?

29970 War policy
29971 Secret war
29972 Martial arts
29973 None of these

3. Who laid the foundation of Kalaripayattu, which later evolved into modern martial arts, passing through Bodhidharma?

29974 Bhagwan Buddh
29975 Bhagwan Krishna
29976 Bhagwan Ram
29977 All of above

4. Lord Krishna was skilled in how many arts?

29978 21 arts
29979 44 arts
29980 64 arts
29981 04 arts

5. What does Krishna's name mean?

29982 Light
29983 Defender
29984 Dark
29985 Warrior

6. The name of Lord Krishna's conch shell was '____________', which was pink in color.

29986 Sarang
29987 Panchajanya
29988 Gandhiv
29989 None of these

7. The chariot that Sri Krishna had was named 'Jaitra', the other name was?

29990 Garudhadhwaj
29991 Panchajanya
29992 Nandak
29993 Pashupati Astra

8. Who is the deity in the temple in Vrindavan, the town where Krishna once lived?

29994 Radha Gopal
29995 Radha Shyamsundar
29996 Radha Rasabhihari
29997 Rukmani Dwarkadhis

9. The land of _________ Puri is considered to be the site of Lord Vishnu, one of the most sacred places of Hinduism and one of the four dhams.

29998 Jagmohan Puri
29999 Jagannath Puri
30000 Krishna Puri
30001 All of above

10. Which of these is not an alias of Krishna?

30002 Sita
30003 Hrishikesh
30004 Varaha
30005 Matsya

11. After a gap of how many years the idol of Jagannath changes?

30006 After a gap of 15 year
30007 After a gap of 16 year
30008 After a gap of 12 year
30009 After a gap of 19 year

12. What was the name of Lord Krishna's bow?

30010 Sarang
30011 Nandak
30012 Matsya
30013 None of the above
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