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Quiz: Which Male K-Pop Idol Are You Look Like?

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Have you ever looked at your favorite idol and just wondered to be like them exactly the same? The most loved idols over the world are Male K-Pop idols? Have you ever thought about what might happen if you are a look like of Male K-Pop idols or your favorite one? How might your life be like? Would you be able to bring justice to your idol's personality and their fandom value? If you are also curious and in a chaotic situation about what might be the case and who might you look like, then for all the K-Pop lovers, try this fun quiz and see Which Male K-Pop Idol Are You Look Like?

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1. What is your personality?

111182 Generous
111183 Adventurous
111184 Quirky
111185 Smart

2. At what time do you generally wake up?

111186 7 AM
111187 8 AM
111188 10 AM
111189 11 AM

3. What do you prefer for breakfast?

111190 Burger
111191 Salad
111192 Waffles
111193 Toast

4. Which place do you prefer for vacation?

111194 Mountains
111195 Beaches
111196 Forests
111197 Countryside

5. What is your favorite color?

111198 Purple
111199 Blue
111200 Black
111201 Magenta

6. What is your favorite time of the day?

111202 Evening
111203 Morning
111204 Night
111205 Afternoon

7. What is your favorite genre of movies?

111206 Action
111207 Horror
111208 Comedy
111209 Romance

8. What is your ethnicity?

111210 Asian
111211 Hispanic
111212 Biracial
111213 Black

9. Do you like to sing?

111214 Somewhat
111215 Often
111216 Very Often
111217 Rarely

10. Are you a workaholic or a party animal?

111218 Workaholic
111219 Party Animal
111220 Both equally
111221 Depends on my mood

11. Choose your favorite genre of music?

111222 Rock
111223 Pop
111224 Hip Hop
111225 Jazz

12. What is your favorite sweet dish?

111226 Ice Cream
111227 Chocolate
111228 Donuts
111229 Brownies
Let’s start the quiz

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