ATEEZ Quiz: Which ATEEZ Member Are You?

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ATEEZ is a popular South Korean boy group which is formed by KQ Entertainment. There are 8 members in the group and their names are Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. On October 24, 2018, they made their debut. The performance of the ATEEZ group is full of energy and power and this is the main reason for their popularity. They gained attention for their concept and storytelling method in their videos. They mix various genres of music and perform it on the stage. So take this quiz and know which ATEEZ member are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you get any challenging problem, how do you solve it?

A. Solve it by creative method

B. First, be calm and then think about the solution

C. Try to solve it with our full energy

D. First I analyse the problem and its consequences then act to solve it

2. In any group performance, usually which role you like to play?

A. I want to lead the performance

B. I support the other members of the group

C. Support with full energy

D. Do offstage work

3. According to you which word suits you most?

A. Artistic

B. Passionate

C. Full of action

D. Intelligent

4. How do you act when you meet a new person?

A. Try to talk and make them comfortable

B. Try to be polite and friendly

C. Try to impress them

D. Always observe and listen to them

5. In any crisis how do you deal with it?

A. Try to come up by using my creative idea

B. First, I calm down and give emotional support to other

C. Take charge and work as a leader

D. Try to think logically

6. Which activity do you like most?

A. Making new things by using my creative idea

B. Try to enjoy the peace of the atmosphere

C. Do physical activity

D. Do introspection and meditation

7. What is your view towards teamwork?

A. It is good because it brings diversity to work

B. Good because maintains a harmonious atmosphere

C. Good because it creates unity in people to achieve the goal

D. It is okay if it executed in a good way

8. When you make any decision you rely on:

A. My instincts and intuition

B. Practicality

C. Taking risk

D. Analyze its pros and cons

9. How Do you spend your free time?

A. Explore the different forms of art

B. Read good books and listen to good music

C. Do exercise

D. Do Yoga

10. In any under-pressure situation, how do you act?

A. Try my unique idea to come out of it

B. Stay focused

C. Overcome it with an energetic performance

D. Stay calm and evaluate it

11. In which way do you express yourself very well?

A. In an artistic way

B. Show compassionate gesture

C. Do dynamic action

D. Use thoughtful words

12. How does your friend describe you?

A. Creative and imaginative

B. Kind-hearted and empathetic

C. Energetic and enthusiastic

D. Thoughtful and introspective

13. When any conflict takes place in your friend group how do you solve it?

A. Try for compromise

B. Listen to both of them then say who is right

C. Try to find an alternative to the situation

D. Just observe it

14. Do you feel that learning new things is good?

A. Yes because I love experiments and exploration of new things

B. Yes but in a steady progress

C. Yes because I like to remain engaged

D. Yes because I like studies and research

15. In your friend circle, which person do you like most?

A. Who has innovative ideas

B. Who is a great listener and helper

C. Who goes for outings regularly

D. Who gives thoughtful advice.


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