What Tokio Hotel Member Are You? Quiz

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Tokio Hotel is a German music band formed in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, bassist Georg Listing, and drummer Gustav Schafer. The band's music genres were pop rock and alternative rock, and they also began to perform electropop and synth-pop. It originated in Magdeburg, Germany. The quartet scored four numbers and has released three number-one albums in their native country, selling 5 million CDs and DVDs. Tokio Hotel was the first German band to win an award at MTV VMAs and to also win awards at the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, the Headliner award at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, and the award for Best Group at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2009.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who is your favorite Tokio hotel member?

A. Tom

B. Gustave

C. Bill

D. George

2. What is your favorite instrument?

A. Bass Guitar

B. Violin

C. Drums

D. Piano

3. Which genre of music you like the most?

A. Rap

B. Metal

C. Classical

D. Country

4. What is your favorite album?

A. White Lies

B. Humanoid

C. Schrei

D. Scream

5. Which singer are you most likely to listen to?

A. Oasis

B. Greenday

C. Metallica

D. Samy Deluxe

6. Who do you consider better among the below?

A. Jo Bros

B. Tokio Hotel

C. Eww the Jo Bros Suck

D. Jonas Brothers

7. What you are well known for?

A. Dreadlocks

B. Shyness

C. Muscles

D. Hair

8. Which nickname is your preference?

A. Juschtel

B. Nessa

C. Macky

D. Hagen

9. What are your views on new Tokio hotel fans?

A. Don't Mind

B. Eddie Munson fans

C. Cringy and weird

D. Love them

10. What is your favorite Tokio Hotel song from the scream album?

A. On the edge

B. Break away

C. Don't Jump

D. Love is dead

11. What type of outfit do you like to wear the most?

A. Baggy Clothes

B. Anything over the floor

C. Romantic Gothic

D. Yzk Cutie

12. What type of person you are from below?

A. Extrovert

B. Ambivert

C. Introvert

D. Shy


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