Quiz: Which ThunderClan Queen Are You?

Questions : 12 | Total Attempts: 21 | Recent Updated: 20-Nov-2022
Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
ThanuderClan Queens is a DeviantArt by Skelos Kath, the queen in the thunder clan loves patrolling or doing anything that makes her feel like she is able to keep her clan safe. Thunderclan Queen is talkative, does get scared easily, and also gets nervous when any of her kits are doing anything dangerous. They do not like to make things obvious as well as they never tell anyone exactly what should they do. They are excited to show courage and loyalty to achieve their goal or what they desire. Thunderclan Queen gets evil, protective, get loving and also get kind. Thunderclan queen is a cat one who is expecting or has recently given birth to a litter of kits. They convince their mates or clan leaders to take in cats in need of help.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you feel is self-love important?

A. Extremely important

B. Sometimes it's important

C. We must prefer to give to others

D. Self love is best therapy

2. What would you say regarding your personality?

A. Street smart

B. Book Smart

C. Intelligent

D. Wise

3. Describe your group of friends in one word...

A. Fancy-free

B. Go-getters

C. Classy

D. Funky

4. Do you prefer a planner?

A. Only at work

B. No

C. Yes for my phone

D. For everything

5. How would you be described if you were a supervisor?

A. Hard-working

B. Lazy

C. No clue

D. Best supervisor ever

6. Do you think that a man and a woman should split household bills?

A. 100% Man

B. 100% Woman

C. 50%-50% man/woman

D. 60%-40% man/woman

7. How would you rock at a wedding?

A. Being Classy

B. Something short and cute

C. Something that is noticeable

D. Something that catch up everyone's eyes

8. How many jobs can you manage at once?

A. Don't work

B. Depends how one counts

C. Only 1

D. May be around 3

9. Are you able to compliment other women in general?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes if one really deserve

C. Never

D. Hardly recall it

10. Can you ever pray for your enemy?

A. Not gonna happen that

B. Yes, will need lot of growth

C. I try not to hurt them

D. I don't think can do that

11. Why do you feel that certain size women are better than others?

A. Ignorant, size may vary

B. It's at plus size

C. No

D. It's at skinny

12. What will be your reaction if any other woman rolls her eyes at you?

A. Ask if she has any problem

B. Smile at her

C. Least bothered

D. Roll eyes back

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