My Wood by EM Forster Quiz: How Much You Know About My Wood?

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“My Wood”, is a witty essay describing Forster's opinion about the possession of a small property he bought with the royalties from his novel. Forster shows a humorously negative attitude to his experience of obtaining land using biblical allusions, the manipulation of sentences, and word choice. The Battles of Property Owning property is something that everyone strives to accomplish, however, achieving this goal and maintaining one's beliefs and morals can be difficult. In E.M. Forster's essay, “My Wood,” he effectively discusses the dangers of owning property.

Questions Excerpt

1. When was My wood by E.M Forster published?

A. 1995

B. 1946

C. 1926

D. 1936

2. Who is the center of My wood by E.M. Forster?

A. Poor Man

B. Government

C. Rich People

D. Everyone

3. Describe the theme of My Wood by E.M. Forster?

A. Effects produced by owning property

B. Effects of being in relationship

C. Effects of travelling

D. Effects of being selfish

4. What is the main concern about My wood?

A. Economy of world

B. Growth of Human

C. Nature

D. Issues in India

5. In E.M Foster's, what exactly does "A Passage to India" describe?

A. International trade

B. Issue of Racism

C. Issue of class

D. Issue of travel

6. Name the novel of E.M. Forster in which he focused on romantic homosexual relationships?

A. A Room with a view

B. Where Angels Fear to Tread

C. Maurice

D. The Longest Journey

7. What do you think are the impacts of owning properties?

A. Unhappy

B. Materialism

C. Rich

D. Busy

8. What was the assumption of E.M. Forster for the artist?

A. Main entity of country

B. Parasite

C. Wastage

D. Least Bothered

9. According to My wood by E.M. Forster what he comments for human beings?

A. Selfish

B. Intelligent

C. Devoted

D. Passionate

10. According to E.M. Forster owning property makes him?

A. Desparate

B. Wealthy

C. Happy and Lucky

D. Portrayal of Attitude

11. How do you feel about E.M. Foster's My Wood novel?

A. Heavy

B. Happy

C. Romantic

D. Excited

12. About which country does E.M. Foster's novel involve travel?

A. India

B. Germany

C. Italy

D. Spain


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