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What Type Of Girl Are You Quiz

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Numerous young ladies need to be prominent however there aren't numerous young ladies who contemplate a great deal or young ladies who love sport. As a matter of fact you may not see them but rather there are heaps of these sorts of young ladies around the globe and they are extremely interesting. They dress and act contrastingly then any of alternate young ladies. Would you like to discover what sort of young lady you are?. On the off chance that you take this test you will discover in just 5 minutes. Let us begin.

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1. What is the purpose of your life?

635 To serve my nation
636 To help the needy
637 To change the system
638 To do everything to make my family happy.

2. Which food do you like?

639 Chinese
640 Italian
641 Indian
642 French

3. What color of dress do like most?

643 Sky blue
644 Scarlet red
645 Mid night blue
646 Other than these

4. Which type of story like by you?

647 Horror
648 Romantic
649 Thriller
650 Other than these

5. What sort of music do you like?

651 Soft
652 classic
653 pop
654 other than these

6. What personality are you?

655 Independent
656 Fearless
657 Sensitive
658 Angry bird

7. Which is your favorite subject?

659 Math
660 English
661 Economics
662 Other than these

8. What is your favorite color?

663 Red
664 Yellow
665 Orange
666 Black
Let’s start the quiz

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