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What Kind of Beauty Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How old are you?

54590 20 years
54591 25 years
54592 30 years
54593 35 years

2. What do you do when you hear of the latest makeup trend?

54594 Run to get the necessary products and practice it
54595 I don’t care
54596 I know and follow what suits me
54597 I follow the classic and basic trend

3. What does your beauty tell about you?

54598 It reveals my persona
54599 It has a neutral approach
54600 It hides my true nature
54601 Not sure what to say

4. How different is your beauty from others?

54602 Quite different
54603 Almost matching to others
54604 Partially similar
54605 Better than others

5. Does your beauty let you down?

54606 No not at all
54607 Yes sometimes
54608 Always
54609 I am not sure about it

6. Does your beauty make you feel confident?

54610 Yes extremely confident
54611 To some extent
54612 I feel betrayed
54613 I prefer not to say

7. Do you get accolades for your beauty?

54614 Yes of course
54615 Rather sometimes
54616 Accolades don’t bother me
54617 Can’t say anything about it

8. Does your beauty enhance your status in society?

54618 Yes, people respect me all the time
54619 Sometimes
54620 No, it does not
54621 I am not sure about it

9. Are you more beautiful among your peers?

54622 Yes, I think so
54623 No, I am not
54624 I am neutral at this
54625 I cannot judge what others think.

10. What is bad about your beautiful image?

54626 It attracts unwanted comments
54627 It creates envy among my peers
54628 It generates a negative image for me
54629 I cannot say anything about it
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