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What Should I Major In Quiz College Board

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Our living and our life satisfaction are directly proportional with what we opt to major in our college board dependent over our interests, skills and likes, dislikes. Thus, if we opt for some5thing to major in which lies in our area of interests then surely we will give our 100% productive efforts to obtain the result. We should always focus on what we want and where our goals lie and how it can be achieved. If we will target our motive and stuck to our interest area then nothing an obstacle to achieve us that height of goals.

Let’s start the quiz

1. What are the major factors for you that affect the success of your goals?

17182 Strength
17183 Source
17184 Believe in self
17185 Hard work

2. What do you believe in more?

17186 Technology
17187 Smart Work
17188 Hard work
17189 Health

3. What is the time duration you plan for?

17190 Long term
17191 Short term
17192 Temporary time period
17193 Lifelong plans

4. What you plan to major in?

17194 Medical
17195 Technology
17196 Jobs
17197 Defense

5. What is your priority most?

17198 Security
17199 Health
17200 Wealth
17201 Technology

6. What do you like the most to eat when not so hungry?

17202 Healthy small diet
17203 Fast Food
17204 Eggs & Milk
17205 Anything

7. What affects you the most in your surrounding?

17206 Justice
17207 Hygiene
17208 Appliances
17209 Humanity

8. Are you the homesick type of personality?

17210 Yes
17211 No
17212 Sometimes
17213 Depends over mood

9. What can be considered as your weakness?

17214 Family
17215 Gadgets
17216 Health
17217 Wealth

10. Which word describes you the best?

17218 Flying bird
17219 Saviour
17220 Justice
17221 Reserved
Let’s start the quiz

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